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Took delivery of 2023 XSR900 it kinda sucks


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Just kidding it's outs sight. My old decrepit fingers can hardly hang on...


But I'm still tight with my 2019 XSR700, it's getting the works - rejuvenated at 88K miles for the next half of it's life. 

And I will continue modding this winter, new tail, seat already on, and a Hordpower intake standing by to get installed, and da hpower flash from 2wdw to take advantage of it.


The 700 is fun, friendly, playful without having to be always thinking thru the next turn. Not fast but always quick.


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I compared the specs, and they may be compatible, but I need to confirm this.  What's the chance those front brake discs of the 900 would fit the 700?  Or better question, will the 3rd gen 07 discs fit the previous gen 07?  Asking because I may upgrade to beefier disc brakes.

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Man those new 900's look fun. The first gen FZ09 I had was a mess, but I've heard they have since been refined a lot.

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