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I need advice to fix and rebuild the suspension on a MT-07A 2017 BU28(Japan).Recently the left fork got some problem with a leak fork seal. their might be 2 seasons first was there were no front shock cover (1WS-2331G-00) and another one was nicked/chipped inner tube (1WS-23110-00). i saw a fork seal set for the MT07 but it was not available locally so i need to know the dimension of the components.I have done the adjustment on the front fork for handling street manouver. I raised the fork from the triple clamp about 10mm and it's turn much better (no fight back force) but not stable at higher speed sometimes( but might be the bad shock). The new fork oil that i'm trying to use is 15W but any advice for other or maybe 20W? nominal weight was 80kg.
Any advice or refer to another Topic will be appreciated ! 




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When you reduced the front right height by 10mm what you ended up with is exactly what is supposed to happen.  Will turn in quicker but will be less stable at speed.  It isn't a shock thing but a good quality shock will improve the ride.

On a damper rod fork like you have increasing the oil weight will slow down the fork movement.  In essence increase  compression and rebound damping.  There is no real right or wrong answer.  That depends on many factors such as what the bike is going to be used for, riding style, and surface.  On SV650s that customers raced and couldn't afford to either get cartridges for them or upgrade to a GSXR front we would put 30wt oil in.  That might be a bit harsh for normal road riding but that is something you would have to feel out.

It is hard to tell from the photos but are those pits on your fork tubes?  If so you should polish those out with some 600 or 1200 grit paper.  Some look to be within the travel rage of the fork slider.  They will leak at some point as the fork seals go over the sharp edges.  You could get lucky and they last a good amount of time or you could be unlucky and you get 1 ride out of it.

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Bought it used at 47000km and take to mechanic for full front fork services(polished the pits ,change seals and oil) now its 69000km started to leak. the bike used for commute, long distance ride and off-road (with shinko 705 tires). 


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