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Hi I just joined today, just bought a 2023 Mt 07LA with the restricted 655cc engine, a massive power upgrade from my previous Rebel 500, we have to ride Lams bike for 3years before graduating to any capacity bikes.


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Nothing negative about riding a restricted bike.  Fact is I've personally always found it fun to ride lower powered bikes like my first bike, a Kawasaki 400 triple, the SR500s I've had/have, and especially the Zephyr 550 that seemed to pull "above its weight" in the twisties we ride, along with the KLX650C dual sport. Go learn how to work the chassis and engine instead of just the right wrist.   

When I started street riding most friends had bought Z1 900s, I got the triple.   It seemed I developed better riding skills dealing with the acceleration capabilities of the 400 vs the 900.  I learned to enter corners better, hold momentum better, and deal with the chassis shortcomings better.  Back then the production frame technology was pretty bad.  Plastic swing arm bushings and sloppier fit of swing arm and frame bolts didn't help and shocks were pretty much crap out of the box. 

You start at a handling advantage over those old bikes, go learn to use the chassis and power you have.  It will be fun.

By the way, love the blue.  Wish the U.S. versions of the XSR would have had the blue ones I'd seen online.

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