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Nucking Foob

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Nucking Foob

This is a list of mods I liked because they increase comfort and fun factor.


Suspension (my weight with gear is 187lb/85kg):

  • Traxxion Dynamics AR25 fork kit - commuter spec, 0.875 kg/mm spring, 10W fork oil
  • K-tech Razor R rear shock - 120 N/mm spring, preload 11mm, comp 14 clicks, reb 12 clicks




  • 2WDW ECU Tune
  • Akrapovic carbon exhuast
  • Removed air box snorkel per 2WDW instructions



  • Washers on the upper triple tree result in a solid handlebar mount.
  • Bikemaster heated grips. I crimped Sumitomo MT090 male pins to the heated grip power wire and inserted them into the existing connector (found on the MT07's 12v accessory outlet behind the left gas tank cover). You can also use more readily available male terminal pins found in automotive connectors kits



  • Removed reflectors.
  • Installed tail tidy (do not recommend if you ride in wet weather).
  • Attached Helite airbag vest tether.


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Nucking Foob
23 hours ago, TMTYWSH said:

how much for all these goodies ?

K-tech shock: $770

Traxxion kit: $500

Heated Grips: $50


2WDW ecu tune*: $300

Akra carbon exhaust*:  $900

Yoshi tail tidy*: $154

*these mods were already included with the bike when I bought

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