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New member from Finland!


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Hi everyone! 

I just found this forum and decided to create an account. I bought my first motorbike, of course MT-07, last summer and it has been lot of fun.

Now I am waiting summer, there is still plenty of snow but after couple of months I will be riding again. But now at winter I enjoy other activities for example husky safari.

My bike is MT-07 2018 with Akrapovich Titanium exhaust. Good day you all!




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Triple Jim

It's good to meet you, areh... welcome!  It must be very enjoyable to go on your husky safaris.  Here in North Carolina we get a little snow... sometimes.   A few years ago we actually got to ice skate on a small inlet off the lake, but it's very rare here.  Later this week the highs will be in the 70s (over 21 C) and I'll be riding my MT-07.



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Welcome some of us are also still waiting for the weather to turn. The wait just makes it that much more fun when can actually ride.

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