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Temp reading "high" after coolant flush


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So while doing a ton of other work on the bike, I decided I was going to flush and change the coolant on my 22 mt07. 

Bike has about 8000 miles on it now, and when draining the coolant it was really dark and dirty, almost black. 

Flushed the system with distilled water a few times, and after getting just clean water out I drained everything, and refilled the system with engine ice. Started and let come to operation temp, then cooled and topped off the rad. Overflow bottle cleaned and filled to the full line with engine ice.

Rode to work this morning and all temp readings where normal until I got off the freeway. Sitting at a light and all of a sudden temp goes from sitting at 180°F to reading "HI" with the temp light coming on. 

Road the two blocks to my parking lot and turned the bike off. Everything seems normal and I don't believe the bike was actually overheating. No leaks or anything.

Possibly air caught in the system, or did my temp sensor take a shet on me?

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Pop the radiator cap off when cool and see if it needs more coolant? Maybe run it with the rad cap off for a little to see if any air bubbles come out? When I bought my bike with about the same amount of mileage the previous owner did a flush on his own and the reservoir was dangling and the reservoir cap wasn't pushed down. Pretty sure I had some air in the line because the temp would fluctuate a lot so I flushed out what I think he put in was engine ice and then since me changing it with new engine ice I haven't been having such problems. I have a 2015 FZ07. Sometimes when idling it traffic lights for a while and warm weather I'll get up in the 200s but I think I'm going to get a tune done on the bike to help it run cooler since it hasn't even gotten close to summer yet here in Arizona

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Figured it out. So the wires that lead to the coolant sensor had managed to get pinched between the wire holder and starter. My assumption is when I wrestled the air box out it probably got snagged and pulled into this position. Vibration then was enough to cause an issue with it being pinched.

After tracing the wire back, I was to get it out from between the starter and the bracket where it had been pinched, and repaired the wires. 

All seems back to normal now.

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