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Wire improvisation from prev owner help:)


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Hello guys, I had a problem for a while on my MT07 2016 where out of nowhere when i turn my handlebars(steer) right, the 


-engine temperature

-time, date

dissapear or it says error and sometimes engine fail light appeared, this was only on dashboard, because bike ran perfectly normal:/

when turning handlebars(steer) left, everything came back to normal… i proceeded to open up wires by myself and check with multimeter and found some improvisations made by previous owner:))) classic

problem is I pulled on a wire and snapped the solder made by prev guy, I am not sure where it goes, it may have been joined with another wire which looks weird, is it okay ? I attached a pic, and basically where you see unisolated wire joined, i think there would be soldered the other blue and red wire, it may seem complicated for i do not speak perfect english but mainly im interested if it has any reason to be connected like that in between to wires? Thanks.


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Triple Jim

Hi Alex!  Your English is fine.   :)

To answer that you'd need to locate this wire bundle in the wiring diagram to see what these particular two wires do.

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