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Brand new MT07 ( 2024 ) died mid ride! No power.


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I need some help diagnosing please! Not new to bikes, but this has never happened to me. Here’s the context. 

brand new bike ( 24’ MT07 ) bought this Friday, rode Saturday and Sunday, Sunday started to rain on us so we headed home ( 20min ride there ) 10min from my house the bike unexpectedly died completely. No power to the dash the fuel pump or anything. Battery voltage reads 13.5, but it looks like there was some kind of a short on the positive terminal on the battery. Can’t verify that bc it just looks that way, so idk if somehow the water got under there and created issues or if somehow there was an arch to the brace that runs over top of the battery etc. is there anything I can check for? Main power relays/fuses, how would I know if the wire harness is fried? Etc. thanks! Bike has less than 100mi on it. 

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You purchased it Friday, call the dealership and tell them come get it and to fix it. 

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Triple Jim

Motorcycles are made so it's OK to ride in the rain.  :)   I agree with wollerms.

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Agreed on getting the dealer to fix, I'd make em come get it!

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