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2023 MT07 Only starts on one cylinder unless key is cycled


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I purchased this bike in June of 2023 and noticed a few months ago that if I use the kill switch to shut the bike off and then start it back up without cycling the key it will only fire on the right cylinder (from riders perspective sitting on the bike). I figured this wasn't a huge deal and was just an annoyance and didn't want to deal with it as it wasn't effecting the rideability. This year I decided to pick up the OEM quickshifter and to my dismay it also causes the left cylinder to shut off when I use it. So it seems that something to do with fuel/spark is being cut, that is reset only by switching the key, and not coming back on. I took it to a shop but it's a 3 month wait in my area atm and I have an exhaust and tune on the bike so I wanted to see if anyone here has had the issue or can at least point me in the right direction to diagnose it. Even tho it's under warranty if I can fix it myself without it being a real hassle I'd rather do that.

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