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I am about to add 2inch pivot risers to life and lay back for a more upright position. I have T-rex arms at 6'1" I think it would make the posture more accommodating.  I have read about removing the clutch cable guide bracket, but was going to reach out and see if anyone had made this mod for a 2 inch riser to a 2022 MT07, and what issues you ran into if any. Thanks! 

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I'm not sure, but if the MT has tubular bars, which, without looking, I believe it does, and you're in the U.S. I have a recommendation.

Buy the super adjustable, by design, APE riser setup:



As you can see, it's darn near "micro adustable".   Available in both 7/8" and 1-1/8" sizing and I think black or bare aluminum.   Price is $45.69 at the moment at APE, click here  They are also available from Amazon here's the bare aluminum  finish  click here  $46.89 


Edit - there is an error in their picture.  The 10mm piece would be close to 1/2" (12.7mm).  Not sure who proof read that ad.

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