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Rear wheel/swing arm severely bent after crash


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Silly me looped out on my 2015 mt07, the bike slid on the left side. Damage isn't too bad besides the rear wheel which is bent horizontally to the right, and vertically to the left. The rear tyre is touching the exhaust and swing arm.

The swing arm along with the chain adjuster is destroyed on the left side, so I've ordered a new one.

The rear wheel itself is okay.

I'm not sure if the rear axle is bent, but I've ordered a new one anyway.

I was just wondering if there's anything else I need to take into consideration when approaching this, so I can order all the parts I need, this is my first major accident and I'm not too familiar with the rear side of the bike (rear arm/rear transmission/rear wheel).

I'm hoping I have got everything I need, but if anyone else knows what a crash like this could have damaged.

I definitely haven't given a lot of info to work with but I'm hoping someone who knows these bikes could share some wisdom while I wait for parts to arrive.

Thanks all.





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