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2015 MT07 still won’t idle after new IAP sensor

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Sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place but I’m really getting desperate now, I just want my bike to work.

I have a 2015 MT07 on 66k miles (most were the prev owner) that I’ve owned for 2+ years and never had any issues. Only recently was I riding and had a CEL come on with a code 13 (Intake Air Pressure Sensor). Unplugging the sensor allowed me to at least get home. I ordered a new sensor and have installed it, and the bike no longer gives a code but still won’t hold idle, and the exhaust smells very fuel-rich. I’ve checked the air filter and it seems fine, the intake isn’t blocked from what I can see. I assume it to be some vacuum leak or something but I can’t see anything obvious without dismantling half the bike, which I really don’t have the patience to do. The bike only stays running if I hold the throttle a little bit open and even then the revs are very “wobbly” and it smells very rich. 

any ideas? I’m not a mechanic but I want to avoid taking it to a shop and have them charge me stupid money just to plug it in and tell me something I already know. 


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