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gears not showing when kickstand is up, cut-off circuit relay


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This topic has been discussed before here, so i took off the cut-off circuit relay (which i believe does other things like fuel pump relay...), mine is 5vk-81950-50 g8r-30y-v5 and i got one 5vk-81950-40 g8r-30y-v4 which i think is for mt-09 or r3, so my question is if it is compatible?, looking at the connector both seems identical. 


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Can you explain how the position of the sidestand can affect the function of a dirty neutral switch?

I am sorry, I have no documents of the MT-09 electronic wiring right now 😕

Edit: I have compared the internal wiring of the MT-09 and MT-07 cut-off circuit relay. It seems to be the same, but the wiring diagram doesn't show the values of the used components. They (Yamaha) don't make two different part numbers without a reason, this costs them money!

I see a chance the MT-09 part will work in the MT-07, but we can not say how long it will last. Yamaha has a reason for a separate part, they don't do this for fun,  thats why I personally would try to organize the correct part. You have trouble if this part fails
at an unfavorable time.

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