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Hello from Pittsford, VT


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Picked up my new-to-me 2022 MT-07 few weeks ago. I'd ridden it at a demo when they just came out (2014) and really liked it. Never owned one until now though.

I've been riding for 35 years .. started when I was 14. Have had all sorts of bikes ranging from 50cc to 1300cc (FJR).. have done a bit of track riding on my track-only R6.. coached MSF for 11 years.. but 2 years ago got out of riding all together due to a coupe of injuries (not bike-related).

Started to really miss it and wanted to go with something very light, this time (last bike was a VStrom 1k.. great for VT dirt roads, but over 500 pounds.. very different animal). MT feels like a feather to me!! And the handling is SO great, especially now that I've upgraded fork internals. Happy to be back on 2 motorized wheels (I say motorized because I never stopped mountain and gravel cycling).stow72717_1.jpg.290a5e69147fb8021a83b19cdcb2cff3.jpg



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Welcome aboard E

Be sure to hit the topics Garage->Problems, ECU Flash

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