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Total noob question I'm sure, but can I hurt anything by hosing off the entire engine?  I'm only asking because I got burned washing the engine in one of our cars.  One of the coils on plug took a hit because of it.  Can I scrub the hell out of it and run it right away, or should it completely dry out?  I intend to use a leaf blower and compressed air for most of that.

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Anything is possible... but if you don't blast anything directly with a pressure washer, you'll be fine. I would use as little water as possible near the ignition switch, exhaust pipe (open-end) and spraying up under the seat (near airbox).

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I usually have a bucket of soapy water that i Apply with a shop towel. After that I fill the bucket with clean water, and use the towel to rinse off the motorcycle. Then I get a clean and dry towel and get all the excess water off. Don't use a pressure washer but if you use a normal garden hose you should be fine.

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