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Rear wheel install maybe screwed up.


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So I have a concern about my rear wheel.
Recently I took it off to get a new tire put on, my first time doing so. When installing it back on I had trouble getting the axle in as a tube of some sort in the wheel was loose but after turning the axle and pushing I got it in. The bearings looked fine but I don't know what that tube is, now I did have to lightly tap with a hammer to get the axle all the way in but it did without much trouble. When I went to tighten the axle nut I noticed that the wheel was moving up/down but when it was tightened to the correct spec it stopped doing so. The wheel does not move side to side nor up/down and I hear no grinding when it's all good and tight but when I went to adjust my chain yesterday it still moved until I tighten it back down all the way. Should I be worried about this? This is my first time removing the rear tire did I screw something up or is this normal? Or perhaps something needs to be replaced? It rides fine even at high speeds I've noticed no problems with that.

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THere will always be a tube inside the hub between the inner races of the wheel bearings and then there are usually spacers that are pushed into the seals from the outside. The axle goes thru all of these. Those spacers on the outside can feel "loose" when the wheel is out.
If everything is not lined up perfectly, needing a bump or 2 from a small mallet ( or the heel of your hand ) to get the axle all the way thru is not a big deal.
As for the wheel moving up/down until the nut was tight, well, not sure about this.
One thing you must keep track of - those silver bits on the side of the swinger for chain alignment are not only left and right specific, they are also directional top/bottom. If you get they flipped around or flipped upside down, things won't fit properly.

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