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We are Salt Flat racers who decided to take our newly re-engined car to the Ohio Mile over the weekend for a few shakedown runs before the looooong haul to Utah in August.  Now, I've driven four cars on the Salt, three of which hold records at over 200 mph BUT I wouldn't ride a bike on that surface (I'm not fond of being sideway on four wheels at 220 mph, let alone two)... my cajones just aren't that big anymore (if they ever were). 
However, on the concrete at Wilmington, Ohio (an old Airborne Express facility) I'd love it.  I wished many times while we were there I could have somehow stowed away the 07 and brought it.  There were LOTS and LOTS of bikes and, for me at least, a surprising number running over 200 mph.  One guy in line to run directly in front of us had done over 221 there.
The entire atmosphere is MUCH more "laid back" and relaxed than at Bonneville, sorta like B'ville was decades ago (I've been driving there for nearly three decades), even though inspectors and many of the staff are seasoned B'ville veterans.  The only thing I didn't like was that for a fast car I could NOT appreciate the short slow-down area--nothing but grass and stuff to hit at the end of the pavement--neither of which is good! 
But, if you want to see how fast your bike will go in a mile and in a safe setting with no shortage of similar nut-cases around you might wish to consider it.  They have a meet of some sort nearly every month this time of year.
(Btw, we did set, then break, a new venue record while finding out we've a few things to work on before heading west in August.)

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