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Night Ride!


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So my first riding report goes as follows:
Met a bunch of people who wanted to go on a night ride through some back roads around Austin. I had never been on a night ride let alone, back road. I will say I've done enduro racing for 10 years so I'm use to an elevated pace and have a bit of skill. Needless to say, having that Cyclops LED light made a WORLD of difference. If you don't have one already, GET ONE NOW! I could see everything I needed to well before it became an issue.
On to the story: These guys, however, were a bit more enthusiastic about the elevated pace. There were a few of your typical R1 / R6, GXSr, CBR's. What I think shocked everybody, including me, was that I could keep pace with a 600RR / R6. With speeds limited, I think the FZ-07 held up pretty good considering the abilities of the other bikes. I guess it's not the bike, but the rider, that makes it fast.
The one thing that was pretty great was there was a FZ-08 and FZ-09 in the group too. :-)
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