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Running without the clutch switch?


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Good morning guys! I have an aftermarket clutch(RSC) and I've been using it for awhile. It didn't come with a clutch switch and it was not compatible with stock, so I just removed the stock clutch and switch, and left the wire unplugged. I have not noticed any changes in running behavior other than I can't start the bike in gear now, which I'm fine with.
My question for you guys is would this be okay for me to continue running like that? Any possible harms?
Thanks a lot

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I would not like my having the clutch switch disabled because of not being able to start in gear. If you stall in an intersection with traffic barreling down on you I think you will be surprised how difficult finding neutral suddenly becomes.
I have heard that the switch also does something to the timing that is supposed to help with the stalling at idle issue but I have not found anything about that in the service manual. I have not looked too hard though so it might be in there.

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Just leaving it unplugged mean you'll only be able to start the engine in neutral... which can be an issue or nuisance. If you want to bypass the switch, then you must "short" the connection, i.e., the ECU will think the clutch is always pulled in. I did the later on my DRZ and the side-stand switch as well using a short piece of wire to jumper the two pins at each connection.
The only thing to be mindful of is: you can start the bike in gear and drive around with the side-stand down.

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My clutch break point was set waaay at the end. Really no free play at all. I adjusted it the other day to be more comfortable and closer to the grip and also to ensure it is fully engaged and not slipping (my breakin service warranty should spotted this as well).
I noticed after my adjustment which admittedly had more free play than the manual calls for, the break point being about mid-pull, that I was not able to start the engine in gear.
I decided that was not a good idea and backed it down until it did start, which left some but not very much free play.
unfortunately I do not like my clutch break so far from the bar, fortunaty tho, I am just waiting on my CRG RC2 brake lever to arrive, ny clutch already has, so that I can install both. I'll satisfy the stock freeplay and still have a breakpoint at a reasonable distance. Databyter


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