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Custom Slip-On? Update... it can be done!


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Okay.... I'll preface the body of my post with a PSA that I have researched many exhaust systems.
Whilst many are nice, the total cost of these full systems is a turn off.  My favorite is the Akrapovic Titanium that is being installed on the Yamaha Moto Cage (offered overseas).  Because of the cost of full systems (>$700 for the most part), I began to look into the slip-ons being offered.  
It was in looking at slip-on's like the M4 and Two Brothers, that I realized I could probably "recycle" my old RS-3 Yoshimura from my 2001 YZF600r.
My plan is to shorten, re-pack, and weld the slip-on into place using the stock FZ-07 headers.  For $30, I was able to get packing material and a rivet gun.  After cutting it down, it is roughly half of what it was.  Maybe 8" down from 16"...
This is a ZX-6R, but it gives you an idea what this might look and sound like.  

Has anyone fabricated their own slip-on?  If so, at what point did you cut the stock system and did you need to use any special exhaust adapters to accommodate the relatively wide mid-pipe of the stock system (near the O2 sensor)?
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No offense, but you all are too slow. In short, this can be done. I know now as I've completed the install of my shorty RS-3 Carbon Fiber Yoshimura pipe.  
If anyone has any questions about the install, send them my way. It's an awesome little project and can save you ~$3-400 from the M4 slip on depending on what tools you have and whether or not you can weld. I may consider doing a DIY for this, but I don't want to do one half-arse and I need to check to see if I have enough pictures from the project.
For now, here's a sweet pic I took today of the bike while I was breaking in the new muffler packing.

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Kudos to trying something new. What is the new ground clearance? That would be my only concern.

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Thanks for the kudos ryan. I too was a little concerned about ground clearance with this mod but if I had to estimate, I would guess that I would not have lost more than a half inch if anything. The muffler sits very close to the crankcase and block. I'll take a measurement the next time I'm out in my garage.
In the meantime, enjoy this light brapping...

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I will be using the yoshimura FZ headers but with the Dual Outlet R-77 muffler. I decided to buy the exhaust individually and some some reason ended up paying 530$ out the door for everything.

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