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I am almost hitting my 1st 1000 km so I thought I would give my impressions of the bike so far. WOW! This bike is great! Absolutely no problems , the only issue was some chain noise but after a cleaning and lube that has disappeared. And after 4 fill ups my fuel economy has been steadily on the rise averaging just over 60 mpg, a combination of city and highway and I have not been babying it at all. I have had zero stalling issues as some have and the bike always starts easily even on our Canadian cold mornings. After coming from a loud cruiser I am enjoying the quiet exhaust and do not plan to change it. I love everything about this bike and the only upgrade I have planned is a radiator cover because it is starting to look a little rough with bug splatter. I also find the bike super comfy and I really enjoy the feeling of being up high on the bike, so much better than the seating position of my cruiser where you are sitting down inside the bike more. The torque is really a nice aspect of this bike and it is so nice to have that instant acceleration with you need it. Great job Yamaha !!!!!

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