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Engine Died While Riding. Now Refuses to Start. PCV Issue?


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Ok FZ-07 Brain-Trust need your help...
  Thanks to the never ending storms we've had this year and the fact that my FZ isn't my only bike she has been sitting pretty in my garage connected to a trickle charger.  Tonight, while cloudy, I finally had good riding conditions so I decided to take her out to stretch her legs.  Not even ten minutes into my ride I accelerated away from a stop light.  If memory serves I got up to about 45 and kicked her into 4th.  At that point the engine cut out.  As I have read that some on here have experienced stalls at low speed/RPM I wasn't concerned.  I clutched in shifted down to 3rd and thumbed the starter.  She cranked, but no fire.  At this point I noticed the check engine light (CEL) had come on as well so I put on the blinkers and coasted to the side of the road.  Once I felt I wasn't in immediate threat of being run over I cycled the ignition.  The CEL came back on.  When I tried to crank her still no fire. 
  I'll spare you the long and drawn out story of attempting to get Geico to get a tow truck to me and how many times I was put on hold and asked my location suffice to say my FZ and me made it home safely.  But, the CEL remains on.  :(
The error codes are:
SD--33 (Cylinder [HASH]1: Ignition coil open or short-circuit)
SD--34 (Cylinder [HASH]2: Ignition coil open or short-circuit)
SD--39 (Injector: open or short-circuit)
  Now, before I even looked up the codes my Power Commander V (PCV) was suspect to me as I obviously wasn't getting fuel or spark.  After seeing those codes I'm pretty convinced my instincts are right as the PCV is really the only common tie between the coils and the injectors save for the ECU and I'm thinking if it was the ECU I'd being seeing a lot more codes than that.
  I haven't really done a lot of trouble shooting as of yet.  I looked at the PCV box and the power light is solid green once the kill switch is flipped to run.  So, I know it's not like the PCV itself shorted out.  The status light blinks red when the kill switch is flipped to run which I believe is as it should be.  I know the obvious next step is to disconnect the PCV and hook all the factory connections back up.  Not something I relish doing but I realize it's the only sure fire way to know that it is actually the source of the issue.
  But, before I do that I figured I'd post this up and see if anyone has experienced a similar failure or if maybe someone with more experience with the PCV knows of a reset or something I could try first.  The whole thing just seems so odd as I have had zero problems with fueling or spark since I hooked it up.  It's not like I've ridden in the rain or dumped the bike.  So, other than just being bitchy because I let her sit so long I can't think of a factor that would cause a sudden critical issue like this.
  Oh I'll also add that all my computers are Macs and the only one I have dual booted (Windows) is my big ass iMac which means I don't have a laptop that I can easily take to my garage and hook up to the PCV to see if there is some kind of trouble shooting I can do that way.  Though from what I remember of the PCV software I'm not sure that hooking it up to a computer would really shed any light on this.
  Ok, that's my tale or woe.  I appreciate any thoughts anyone has on the matter.  (Other than "Shoulda bought a Dobeck.")

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Remove the pcv and see if problem still persist..seems like a few members here got faulty pcv...

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Guest Ralph

Check all the connections still no go put back to standard if that works
re check the connectors on the pvc other than that it's get the pvc checked

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Thank you both! Sounds about like the steps I figured I'd follow before calling Power Commander.

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