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Has anyone taken their 07 to the drag strip?


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"Search" doesn't seem to work for me if someone posted about a drag strip.
I was out to a drag strip Friday night with relatives but not with my bike. I could have entered my bike for a few bucks. I was kinda cheesed off about it. I wonder how a stock 07 does in the quarter mile?
Its too far away for a return visit anytime soon.

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in the eighth it romps. not many bikes can get out the hole like the fz07. 1st to 2nd gear changes is where you kill them.
in the quarter: blah. top speed around 106mph. not really impressive.
dont go to redline. shift earlier than that. the top end doesn't make any power so manipulate the rpm range so you land in the next gear at peak torque.
i meant to try 2nd gear launches but the field of competition was so weak that i didn't bother. i was racing harleys. i won so often it was boring.


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Tried the 1/4 mile on the drag strip tonight. Did 17 runs.
My best time was 12.457 sec. @ 106mph, reaction time 0.688 sec, 60ft in 1.871 sec, 1/8 mile in 7.876 sec @ 89 mph
I have a motocycle guide where they have it at 12.4 sec @ 106 mph, I'm right on target ! most of my runs were in the 12.5xx sec
1st 2 gears pulls really hard, a couple of time I was in front of big sports bike. But it's hard to keep the front wheel down when you
release the clutch.
It was only my second time, tried it last year with my other bike.

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