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For those with Vagabond Fender Eliminators (alternate rivet)


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For those with Vagabond fender eliminators… as you know three of the five push-rivets end up being too long after the removal of the factory fender/mudguard.  Vagabond supplies washers to take up that slack.  My "issue" was with the two larger ones, where Vagabond recommends inserting the washer between the tail side-panel and undertail panel.  Not only you have to force it in, but it also creates a gap for debris to get into the tail section.  Also when it comes time to remove the panels, its just another thing to forget, drop and lose.
At first, I put the washer under the head of the rivet and it held fine.  However the "look" bothered me.  So come to find out, the push-rivet used to secure the tail side-panel to the fuel tank side-panel (under the seat) is the right diameter and length.
So here you go, Yamaha P/N:  90269-07077-00  Purchased on eBay from Partzilla for ~$6 shipped (set of two).

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