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Rear Sets (preliminary R&D)


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There's LOTS of established outfits offering rearsets for popular bikes. What could I possibly bring to the table?
If you're looking for simple Up and Back by N inches, SVRace-Shop and other guys have adapter plates to choose from.
What I would like to offer is a design that is clean, simple and re-uses as many commonly available aftermarket parts as possible, to include the OEM shift and brake levers if they are the type the pivot on the same axis as the footpeg. Many rearset offerings only work with their in-house pegs, or don't fold, or require bespoke adapters, and replacement parts are silly expensive.
I'll post some renderings at a later date but the idea combines "infinite" adjustment of an offset peg mount and a carrier plate that lets you orient it 4 different ways as well as position it in X and Y. Levers would be from Woodcraft-CFM because they have the best product IMO. I have designs for fully-adjustable clipons but the more I dally the more the Woodcraft guys implement my ideas. ;-) So, I don't know if they will ever see the light of day.
If you can visualize a combination of 
But with the rotary offset at least 2x as pictured. And pedals like

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Pattonme are you still pursueing this in your copious spare time ( to quote Tom Lehrer).
Just wondering how you are approaching the parallelogram problem of the MT for the gear activation. I looks to me like the gear lever arc relative to the actuator lever arc angles are going to be a problem. I have seen a version that used an intermediate crank to change the angles and 2 actuator rods.

Go forth and modify my son...go forth and modify...

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I'll be interested in this as well, as it's taking forever for AP motoart to ship their adapter plates. They probably have no intention to sell the thing I suspect.

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