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Rear brake problems (video)


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So having problems with my rear brake, see video. I was replacing the brake pads bled the lines and replaced the fluid dunno what to do now the lever does nothing and there is alot of resistance when trying to turn it. Front brakes work btw.
[video src=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cHWL4OTCFg]
beware headphones users.

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Judging by how easily and far the lever moves, I'd say you still have air trapped somewhere. Or, for some reason, only one pad is hitting the rotor because the caliper is not sliding on its pivot pin properly. The latter can be tested by using a magic marker on the brake rotor - the ink should be wiped clean from both sides. If it's only one - well.
Not sure why the wheel is so reluctant to turn, but that might be an indication the caliper is not in there correctly.
Did you use OE pads and are you sure the pads are correct.
Remove the caliper and tip it so that the bleeder valve is at the highest spot on the caliper. Then pry the pads inward - you might have to suck some fluid from the master to keep it from overflowing. With luck, you'll push an air bubble that was hiding in the caliper up and out. You'll also get a feel for whether or not the pads are hung up in the caliper.
all of the rubber bits associated with brake calipers are EPDM rubber and do not like organics. Never use regular greases or oils (WD40, motor oil, wheel baering grease, or whatever) on these pieces as the rubber will swell and degrade quickly. Always use synthetic greases meant specifically for brake calipers (they are usually silicone based)

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