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Ordering rim color


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How do I what OEM part to order and what color, i need the blurple for the rear rim, and I'm given the following options: number 1 at top of the list, which one is blue. 921d16d3e72493f15c7c13fa58beb6cf.jpg

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DNMN - Liquid graphite
vrc1 - Vivid red cocktail
BWC1 - bluish white cocktail
If you are in the US, I would read the DNMN liquid graphite bike as being the blurple wheel, as that is the stock color wheel on the Liquid Graphite bike. The Red and White bikes both have black rims, which seems to explain the same part number.

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Why couldnt they give the rapid red a set of red wheels

ATGATT... ATTATT, two acronyms I live by.

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