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The FZ-07 is a good beginner bike


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Everyone who see's my FZ-09 asks if it would be a good beginner bike. the answer is NO!
The FZ-09 has way too much power down low and a very sensitive throttle. I can just imagine newbies looping their bikes over backwards at traffic lights, or wheelie-ing off the road mid corner.
But, the FZ-07, while still torquey, is reported by our friends in Europe to be very controllable, light and so easy to ride that it would probably be great for new riders, and also still be fun as heck when they get some experience. 75 Horsepower is still enough to get you in alot of trouble.
I think this would be a great beginners bike and predict that Yamaha will sell alot of these bikes!

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Guest brickst3r

This wil be my first bike, almost went with a r6 but held off just in time. This will help with insurance cost and definitely more noobie friendly.

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