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BMW G 310 Stunt


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Saw this bike while skulking the internet one late night. Thought it looked like a light bike that would be a riot just for dicking around on. It's a 300 cc short wheel base bike specifically which would be good for stunting. It also deserves points in the looks department for sure. I'm uncertain what the regular G 310 will look like that is released to the public but I would imagine BMW will keep it looking nice. In BMW we trust. Possibly a great starter bike for all the folk on here askin if they should start on a 250 or 300. What are your thoughts on this sucka?

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Slap on a headlight and recolor it and its probably the best looking 300cc naked bike out there imo. That vertical pipe though, don't know about that. Must be hard to change out if it goes into production that way.
Personally, I don't like mercedes and bmw introducing low cost entry level things into their line up. Mainly for the poor guy who buys lets say a mercedes cla only to get reamed in the ass for the price of maintenance and repairs. But bmw motorcycle is not on that spectrum, but still. I'm just assuming it will still cost more for the newbie, young rider to buy a starter bike bmw and take it to the dealership for their service and pay more than anyone should. Just seems wrong for starter 300cc bikes. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong but that's how I feel about it.

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