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Fork tube diameter underneath the plastic fork tube cover?


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Does anyone know if the diameter of the fork tube underneath the upper plastic fork tube covers behind the headlight is the same as the lower part of the fork tube?
The reason I ask is because the plastic fork tube cover is tapered where it is wider at the bottom of the cover vs the top. Is it just the plastic cover that is tapered or is the metal fork tube actually tapered as well? I could find this out for myself by removing the the covers but it appears the forks have to be removed first and I am not set up for that.

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Its just a plastic cover held on by the forks as well as a small bristle tree clip on the triple tree
Fork diameter is the same from fork cap to dust seal.

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Yes, they are just cosmetic. And if you remove the fork tubes and replace, they are a bit of a pita to get right (unless the upper bridge is also removed) cause there is an o-ring at the bottom that centers them over the tube. Aside from that oring at the bottom, there's a plastic button inserted into the lower triple clamp.
If you don't want to pull the wheel and the tubes to remove them, you could cut them length-wise. Personally, i think the bike looks better w/o. If I remove my fork tubes again, I'll not put them back.

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