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Front indicator delete


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I've turned the radiator guards into led lights wickedtwister style. And now I want to know the easiest way to get rid of the "mounts" for the oem indicators.
Option 1: find someone whose already made the pieces. And purchase them for money, but I can't find any.
Option 2: take the dremel to it and cut off the protruding piece and fill it with bondo or something. Sand and then paint? Which would be tough to make look right.
So basically does anyone else have another idea?
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If I were you I would not delete them completely but, rather put in some flush mounted blinkers in their place. Maybe pick up the R1/R6 style flush mounted ones.
Something like this....
[attachment id=1097" thumbnail="1]
No reason to take away any additional safety lights if you don't have to. I think there are many flush mount styles that look pretty good.

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Those look pretty awesome
Wonder how many leds i have left. This soulds like a mod i could easily do.
Have you weatherproofed the setup yet? If not how are you planning to do so?

ATGATT... ATTATT, two acronyms I live by.

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I used some silicone that I had laying around from when I did the back ones. But I would recommend getting black silicone because the back of these aren't as well hidden.

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