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Hello xcsp! I own an FZ-09 right now, and have a white FZ-07 on order. I test ode the FZ-07 on Saturday. Very similar bikes. The FZ-07 has more smoother fueling, doesn't have the jerky initial throttle that the FZ-09 has. It has very similar low end power, can pull power wheelies first 2-3 gears if you want, or just smooth power.
To me, the front forks seems better sprung on the FZ-07, firmer. Comfortable ride, more comfortable seat than the FZ-09.
What really stood out to me was the brakes. Way better and stronger brakes than on the FZ-09.
A really great bike and for $7,000, the very best motorcycle deal on the market. Maybe best motorcycle deal ever!
Welcome to the forums!

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Thanks 1finefz09!
Appreciate the info, I'll need to stop down at my local shop and see if they have a 7 available to demo!!

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Hello from down South. I'm a transplanted Yankee waiting not too patiently for my FZ-07. I CAN'T STAND IT MUCH LONGER... looking forward to reading the new ride reviews from members.

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