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Hilarious FZ09 'road test'


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s/FZ09/FZ07/ and you pretty much could say the same thing.
[video src=https://youtu.be/f1i9Ww27lxU]

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Guest 2wheeler

Thanks Pattonme!
I'm in my mid 50's so the first part of this video rang true for me with regard to the limited time table to have crazy fun on a bike. So, I sent the youtube link to 5 of my buddies who are the same age and either currently ride or use to ride. Good wake up call!
Now about the video as a whole - FREAKING HILARIOUS!!! I enjoy Brit humor, and this was well worth a watch before I dig out my 10'x60' driveway that has 2' of snow on it.

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I like all of Loz's reviews. He adds a bit of humor to all of them.

P1: Vice? I have no vice, I'm as pure as the driven snow!
P2: Yeah but you've been drifting
All the gear all the time!

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