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Frame and axle sliders?


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You need a rear/center stand to lift the rear wheel. Although you can just buy a rear stand that uses paddles instead of hooks, that way you save some money. Harbor freight and pitbull sell these types of stands and have great quality.
if you get rear axle sliders that double as swingarm spools, you won't be able to accurately/easily adjust the rear wheel or remove it.
IMO, buying a rear stand with paddles and hooks sets you up for a lifetime of owning motorcycles. Same goes with buying a front stand, just spend the initial extra cash to get a triple tree stand. And there's no need to buy new, these stands are tough and last. Peruse craigslist to see whats around.

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Does that mean I will also need to buy a rear stand?
That's entirely up to you. You will probably need a rear stand at one point or another. i would get one that has both the swingarm pads and spools. Cycle gear has one for like $40 if you catch it on sale, venom is another popular one, and pitbull stands are the top dogs but you'll pay for that.
You can also get a front stand, especially if you plan on removing your wheels. Fork stands list from the bottom of the forks or you can get one that lifts from the triple tree to allow the removal of the forks. Personally I find the triple tree stand more secure and I bought a venom stand that can do both.
Note: axle slider spools will not allow tire removal with a spool stand unless you have the t-Rex adapter or a pad/spool stand.
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