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SD Code List?


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Anyone have a good list of the self diagnosis codes?  I plugged in a PCV tuner, rode around for a few minutes, and got SD__39.  Saw on an FZ-09 forum that it might be an ignition short.  Limping home it sounded like only one cylinder was firing.  I'm hoping it's just a loose wire harness, I'll check it in the morning.  The map on the tuner is set for stock exhaust and air filter, snorkel removed.  I'm about to put on a new exhaust and air filter (stripped a bolt getting the old exhaust off so that's halted right now  (zzz) ) but I gotta get this sorted out first.
Thanks dudes,

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Hmmmm not sure if you can enter into it manually. I think a code only pops up if something's wrong. On page 4-9 of the FZ-07 manual it just says if an error's detected a check engine light comes on with a code.

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