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ejk fuel controller


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Hi guys,
Just a quick question for you. I know i did not introduce myself but currently I am at my work computer and I dont have any pics of my 07.
so there it is :
I want tu buy the ejk fuel controller for my 2015 fz07. I have the sc project exhaust with the baffle in and k&n air filter with snorkel removed.
I have seen on the ejk website that the fuel controller doesnt ingage at idle. Is this mean the bike will still run lean at idle ?
I have also notice there is only a map for the sc project exhaust baffle in/out with the stock air filter and snorkel in. Do they have something for the sc project exhaust with air filter/airbox modified ?
Thx a lot guys !
Read more: http://fz07.org/conversation/8860#ixzz3ywUtsNQz

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