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FZ-07 Current Exhaust Flash Options


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We currently have these exhaust options available for our custom ecu flashes:
Akrapovic Carbon
Akrapovic Ti
Leo Vince
M4 Slip On
Dyno graphs can be seen listed here http://fz07.org/thread/2625/fz-07-flash-dyno-charts
If you're wondering, why make this post, why does the exhaust matter? It's because every exhaust is different! When tuning, they can be very different, so we create a flash for every combo we can. We provide you a true proper ECU flash and not a one flash fits all model. From scratch on every exhaust and mod we get, we build a new flash and include as many options for baffle in/baffle out, snorkel in/out as we can to cover any and all modifications and really provide the best product we can for you. 
As this list grows we will keep it updated as more bikes roll in with more mods and exhausts on them!

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