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Maybe I've missed the bicycling thread but does anybody else put about the same miles on their bicycles as their motorcycles each year?
Mostly a roadie...
But winter can be fun............

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I barely put any miles on my Trek any more, the combination of having kids and wanting to ride the FZ whenever I can kinda kills it! Maybe when the kids get a bit older when can hit the trails, that'd be fun. Sure, I could just ride the bike around the neighborhood to get "exercise", but meh.

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I have a bike that I've talked about before and recently bought another one. They're nothing like either of those (which look nice, btw). My first one is a bit of a "Fixie" with one gear. Set up for about a constant 12-15 mph. good pedaling pace on flat pavement with thin, 800 slicks. My newest bike is a 21 speed made for comfort, it came with a wide-butt seat but I put a wider one on it, lol! It looks ridiculous compared to a racing seat but it's comfy, just the way I like it.
[attachment id=1316" thumbnail="1] Your snow bike with that wide knobby tire looks like a lot of fun & even more exercise. Something I could use.


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