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After work tonight my 2016 FZ07 will be delivered. I can't wait. The color scheme is "Raven".
This will be my second bike after my gs500 was totaled in a hit and run. I was not on that bike at the time.
For the new bike I have already ordered an Akropovic exhaust, puig windscreen, and some other gear.
Now I just have 2 months to wait before its warm enough around here to ride!

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Welcome pilotingpete! Thanks for joining; post some pics when you can, we love those!

Illegitimi non carborundum

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Thanks for all the welcome posts. The bike was delivered after dark last night with no problems. The tyres arrived rather muddy, but I'm letting that go. The mud should dry soon and I can crumble it off. I'll just have to protect the chain I guess while I do that.
I fought the urge to ride when it was dropped off and instead rode from the end of the driveway to the garage only. This is mostly on account of it being 25F and not wearing any gear. It was still a tough decision!

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