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Ok, who lives in Oregon?


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I have a chance at a pretty good business opportunity in the Portland, Oregon area and might be moving to Oregon. Don't worry, the forums will continue on and if things go as planned, I might have the funds to upgrade this place sooner than later.
Who lives in the Portland area? Anyone know of a really really good apartment deal? lol
Anyone ride dirtbikes over there? Any good dirtbike trails in the area?
And, what's your favorite dispensary? Lol, one major benefit of living in Oregon. Seriously, the thought of being able to walk into a store and buying weed legally has been a dream my friends and I have shared since the 80's.
Lookout Portland, Cruizin may be coming!

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lol! You're not alone. Good luck in all your endeavors!
[video src=https://youtu.be/W-xKUU5sWS4]


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I lived in Vancouver, WA (just across th river) and my wife is from there. Unfortunately it was a long time ago so I have no current info. I lived in Washington where there is no state income tax and made my large puchases in Oregon where there is no sales tax. It is a good deal if you can do it.

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I'm in Wilsonville. It's just south of Portland. I own a white 2015 FZ07 and I know there are other riders down here. I've seen 3 blue 2016 riders one other white rider and a red rider. So including me I know of 7 people down here. There's also a few FZ10 owners. If you want to get into the bike scene meet here (Ava Roasteria, 4655 Southwest Hall Boulevard, Beaverton, OR 97005) at about 6-9pm on Tuesdays. There's a large meet and greet.

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