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Hi All,
** coming mods at bottom**
I thought I'd start a thread for my experiences/mods on my white FZ-07. I bought my FZ-07 on 07-04-14.I've put almost 1k miles on it and am loving it.
I was riding a 2007 SV650SA and that was a great bike, but I wanted something that looked a little more updated. I fell in love with the FZ (except for the lack of ABS, which was REALLY nice on the SV as I ride all year in Portland, OR).
And after almost 1k miles, I'm totally in love with it. Sure, it has it's flaws (noisy chain[pipe will fix that :) ], not as stable at high speed as the SV, not the worlds best seat, sitting position is too upright, ridiculously small friction zone). But the positives are amazing: light weight, super nimble at slow speeds, tight u-turn radius, excellent fuel mileage(I did a full tank on the highway and it got 57 mpg, including some spirited corners), torque-to-weight ratio=so much fun.
Now, that I'm a little more intimate with the bike and knowing how to handle it after racking up some miles, I'm really getting a feel for it. Still following the Yamaha's recomended break in procedure and almost done wiht it! I have never really done wheelies before, but this thing accelerates so quick from the stop lights with that light front end, that, lately, as I'm learning mroe how to handle this bike, I have been lifting the front off the ground when pulling away from a stop light without even trying. So it's going to be a great bike to wheelie!!
I've always been a tinkerer, so here is what's to come. I have sitting in my closet waiting to be put on (waiting for the time):
-Powerbronze fender eliminator/tail tidy
-China knockoffs of the Rizoma Zero11
-Red Fuel cap bolts
-CRG Lane Splitter bar end mirror
-Renthal black Ultra Low handlebar
-Heated Grips
(still gotta get a windscreen)
Super excited and should get them installed early next week. I will post plenty of pics of the install.
One note about the eliminator/tail tidy. I do NOT recomend the PowerBronze. The kit is complete and very nice, but the design is not as good as it should have been. The mounting area for the licenseplate is 8 inches wide. US moto plates are 7 inches wide. This means there is 1/2 inch of ugly sticking out on the sides of the license plate. Furthermore, the turn signals mount at the end of those 8 inches. It all looks too big and not very attractive. I'm going to have to modify the mounting for the plates and the turn signals in order to make it look nice. I'll post pics of the changes I make.
I hope you all are loving your FZ and enjoy my journey of getting mine all set up.
Until later,

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Hey bigity, Thanks for joining our community. Great first post! Keep'm comin'  ::)

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Welcome bigity! Glad you found us, we love our FZ07s too.

Illegitimi non carborundum

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very interested in the handlebar swap.. let us know what your impressions are... is it wider/raked more?

2015 Yamaha FZ-07
2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300
2014 Honda Grom

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