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Hi From Phoenixville, PA


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Hi FZ-07 riders, 
I actually got my FZ-07 in Sept 2015 and I think it's awesome.
I rode the FZ-07 at a demo ride a couple of years ago, and loved it. Long story, but I ended up having both a Suzuki Gladius and a Yamaha RoadStar for a while, and finally realized that two sets of tires, two inspections, two everythings was adding up. I traded them in on a 2007 BMW K1200R. Problem was, as a commuter, it really didn't work. I rode to work in second gear most days, maybe third just to get a chance to shift.
Great bike if you are riding on the Autobahn in Germany, I reckon, but with an average 45 MPH speed limit around my area, it just wasn't as much fun. So, I traded that in on an FZ-07, pictured above. The bike has been stock until this past weekend.
A buddy of mine helped me put on an Arrow Thunder exhaust,  I reinstalled the ECU that I sent to 2WDW on Monday(I got it back on Sat, so really fast return from PA to WA and back) and also installed a Cox Radiator Guard.
With the new pipe on, the bike just feels better all around. And with the re-flashed ECU, everything is much smoother, and the bike feels faster. The engine braking has been reduced to a much much more manageable level. Throttle response on corner exit is soooo much better now. The jerkiness when the fuel finally comes on is gone. 

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