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I'd like to share my opinion on the 07, coming from someone who has ridden nothing but supersports/superbikes. I have been looking for a street fighter/naked bike for several months and was worried the bike wouldn't suit me.  At one point I had a 02 VFR, thinking I would enjoy something more tame.  I ended up selling that shortly.  I also had a DRZ400 SM, again was not happy and sold that shortly also.   
I have had the 07 for three weeks now and have taken it for several spirited rides in our local canyons.  
I have about 15 years of riding experience.  I've many trackdays and run about mid pack A group.  I also have 15 R1 and have had probably about a dozen supersport/superbikes.  
Handling:  I was surprised at how nimble the bike is.  Actually, it feels more agile than my R1.  Could be from the wide bars and the upright position.  Suspension is stock, I threw on a 190 Q3 in the rear which probably gave it a little rear end height, making it more quick turning.  The bike seems to hold a line very well, into and out of corners.  Maybe the lack of power keeps the bike from running wide, even on the stock suspension.  Over bumps the bike does feel like a wet noodle,  Moves and wiggles all the way through, still wasn't a big issue at the pace I was riding.
Engine: The motor has lots of bottom end grunt.  It's great pulling out of low speed corners, even if your a gear higher then you want.  It does seem to run out of breath if you ride it like a inline 4.  I just learned to short shift and it keeps pulling.  Overall, the bike has enough power for the type of tight corners I usually ride.  
Brakes:  First time out on the machine, I knew the brakes were going to be an issue.  The stock pads do not have initial bite, and then a vague feeling after.  I swapped the pads for SBS, and it dramatically improved the initial bite.  Still the brakes tend to feel weak, especially when I was going a good pace down hill.  Good thing the motor has a lot of engine braking.
Overall, I am very happy with the bike.  I have been having a blast riding it.  The R1 has been just sitting in the garage since the 07 arrived.  I reckon I can probably run a high group B pace on this bike on a tighter track.  The 190 rear and removing the peg feelers gave me lots more clearance.  
I hope this helps those who have been contemplating the transition from a true sportbike.  

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