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Western Colorado ride report Black Canyon loop


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The Black Canyon of the Gunnison is a little known National Park with spectacular scenery and an awesome twisty ride.
Roughly 135 miles Hwy 50, 550, 133, 92.
The roads were dry clean and smooth today. I a0f949db83ede4bfd0d7dd30e41d08050.jpgm still in the break in on my FZ-07 I took it easy enjoyed the cruise. If one is inclined to ride this road be sure to stop at the Pleasant Valley store just East of Cimarron for a piece of homemade pie, sit outside and have hummingbirds buzzing all about as entertainment.
I may stop long enough for some pictures next time, I was more interested in the bike and the road than anything today.

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That little stretch up 92 to Crawford is surely sweet!
Thanks for the report on road conditions. Gonna have to make my way out there soon!   8-)

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