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Biting the Armor Grey color scheme. yay or nay?


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Man, so when I went to the dealership to pick up my new bike in April, I couldn't help but keep looking at the Armor Grey Fz07. Something about that color scheme just makes it look very eye-catching. So much so I might want to copy it to some extent.
Sorry about the photoshop half-assery on the wheels.
I'm planning on replacing all my green body parts to either gloss silver metallic, but I might be leaning towards the matte silver metallic instead, but for sure want to get my wheels powder coated High vis/flourescent yellow since its fairly cheap (95 bucks for the pair).
I want to invest on tire removal and balancing equipment so I can remove the tire from the wheel and reinstall it myself (in the event of a puncture or time for new tires) and because of this, figured might as well have the wheels powder coated as my first outing.

I visit here at least once a week.  Got any questions, ask and I will answer!

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I love the look of the neon wheels, but I like not having to worry about keeping my black wheels clean more :)

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