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Usually buy from revzilla, though have used a few of the other main sites depending on deal. 
With that Competition accessories has a deal on a shoei gt air Im willing to jump for even though its not the graphic or colors I want.
Anyone have any feedback on Compacc? Are they worthy of my money? Or do I suck up the price difference and order from a seller I(many) trust?
Wow! Since I looked an hour ago they are out of L,XL, 2X.

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I bought this helmet for $600 a little over a year ago last March. Now it is only $380?? Shows how much markup these things get....
Probably my favorite helmet I have owned. I got it in Matte Black. It's weird because adding graphics like this added like $60-90 to price, so if they offered in black I feel it could be even cheaper.
[ul type=disc][*]It is very quiet, mainly due to the chin-wrap thing that keeps air from blowing around.[*]The ventilation is good.[*]The Pin-Lock faceshield attachment means that fog will never really block your vision (as long as you don't break it off). I have ridden in 25F degree weather for close to an hour, and I only get a small amount of fog at the very bottom of the visor (and of course on the places where the pin-lock piece doesn't cover it). I remember taking it off and trying to ride when it was near freezing and it was BS. I either had to ride with it almost completely open or hold my breath for entire ride.[*]The "flip-down" shade is 10/10. I like the look of shaded visors a little better, but for practical purposes this thing is superior in every way. You can flip it down when you need it and flip it up when you don't. No more carrying around extra visors that get smashed in your backpack. I find myself flipping it down & up multiple times in a ride based on things like whether the sun is behind the clouds or not. My only small gripe is that the FZ-07's instrument gauge is like a giant mirror and sometimes reflects the sun just underneath the shade back into your eyeballs.[/ul]
Probably the only thing I have a problem with is that the helmet feels "tall"? Like it sits low on my head. This all depends on head size of course, but I wish it did sit a little bit higher. For $220 less than I bought it for, I would get it in a heartbeat, no matter what the shop is...

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To be fair, this is the only Shoei they have that doesn't match Revzilla pricing. The gt air still $500-$600 pretty much everywhere except ebay. Think they are just trying to get rid of this graphic from their stock. This helmet is quite similar to the scorpion exo1100 I have now, just top of the line. Im excited about the step up in quality. Not to say that scorpion is bad, but everyone says Shoei and Arai are the best- for a reason. I look forward to having one.

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It could.be that the specific graphics option for.that gt air is on clearance/discontinued?

ATGATT... ATTATT, two acronyms I live by.

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