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Shifter and Brake Toe Pegs


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Hi All,
I'm one of those dudes who has toes that point outwards.
I have to turn my feet inwards in order to reach the shifter and the rear brake toe pegs.
Extending the toe pegs by 1 to 2 cm would greatly increase my riding comfort.
Has anyone found toe peg extenders that don't require changing the rear sets?

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Are you the kind of rider that keeps the arch of his foot on the peg… toes pointing out like a duck?
Not what you're looking for, but practice keeping the balls of your feet on the pegs and only slide them forward to shift or brake (then return then back). Personally I haven't seen shifters or brake pedals with much longer pegs/pads.

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I looked and only found toe peg extenders made for H.D.'s. I wonder if a local machine shop would custom make some for you. (can't be cheap)


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