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Paid in full for 2016 Raven


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I am in NY but on craigslist saw an ad for 2016 fz 07 for 6499 and no fees on top.
It was in Rhode Island and I decided to jump on the deal.
Drove three hours to pick up the bike. I picked silver with blue wheels.
Upon getting there I didn't like the color that much and changed my mind. They had raven in stock and I loved thay better.
Ask the front if I can change it. Said no problem but the bike couldn't be prepped asap.
I even offered 100 dollars extra and waiting for 2 hrs.
Bit they have only one service tech and he refused to prep the bike.
So I paid on full 6499 and told them I will be back on Friday to pick it up.
They still have silver and grey in stock. Place is called Wheels of freedom in Rhode island. Price 6499 nothing extra.
One question though. How long it would take them to prep the bike. I don't think it should take them that long.
It was all assembled.

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Guest ChicagoAJ

You'll still have to pay your state's sale tax, I would assume. As for prep, nothing too severe, just fluids. Don't know why the guy would refuse, that's his job... Sounds kinda shady to me.

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I believe the front wheel has to be mounted...double checks fluids and make sure it fires up correctly...a lot of times the dealer prep fee also is probably the state safety inspection...

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Yes I paid the sales tax and registration in NY.
At the store I only paid 6499. 633 at DMV in Ny.
So out the door price was 7132 for me.
Where I live in upstaTexas every dealer wanted 6990 for it. Plus 500 for setup, freight etc.
Bringing otd to 8200. For I saved a grand for driving three hours each.

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