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Snorkel Question/Problem

Guest 2wheeler

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Guest 2wheeler

I recently got my ECU flashed and am currently running with a stock exhaust and the snorkel removed.
My problem is that I seriously don't like the sound of the intake with the snorkel removed. Freaking intake noise is louder than my exhaust at least where I sit...  and it doesn't sound cool like removing an air filter on a V-8 with a 4 barrel (showing my age)
I talked with the guys at 2WDW, and they said that if I put the snorkel back in, I wouldn't need a reflash but I would take a loss in the mid-range.
I've read in the forum that some folks have cut down/reduced the size of their snorkel usually to keep some kind of water protection and still have more air flow. Anybody have any experience on this, or any other way to address the intake noise when the snorkel is removed.
Also, if I add a Yoshi or Akra, does the intake noise get fairly well muted by the exhaust sound?

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The primary job of that " snorkel " is to help mute the intake "noise"... Cutting the snorkel down will probably give back some midrange but will be louder than a full uncut snorkel...I have a KN filter with no snorkel and it's louder than stock filter... As for water protection I have not experienced any issues with no snorkel in Michigan rainy season... The majority opinion is an aftermarket exhaust to cure the normal intake noises and the chain noise due to the whisper quiet stock exhaust...others who prefer to keep stock exhaust tend to drill out the exhaust to add a little sound..

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Taking the snorkel out and just leaving the hole will be louder as what you end up with is a plate hole. The worst way you can get fluid from one side to another. It creates airflow danceing devils behind the edges of the hole. The only reason you get more air through is because the snorkel blocks so much of the cross-section.
Possible remedies.
1.Put the snorkel back. I found no statistical difference on the dyno between the snorkel out and in. Others may have other experience, but that was with a BMC filter and Akro carbon exhaust and reflashed.
2.Put the snorkel back in with the bit that extends into the airbox cut flush. May assist with increased airflow at sustained high revs.
3 . Remove the snorkel and make a contoured smoothing inlet area. That will help reduce the vortex shedding ( and noise) behind the plate).
4. Get a louder exhaust. That will reduce the apparent intake component of the whole sound envelope. And be noisier overall.

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