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Rear spring adjuster number?


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Hey all. I'm short and was thinking of lowering but instead decided to loosen up the rear spring.
I asked the dealer to lower it but they had it tightened all the way. I think so anway.
I don't know which way the handbook is pointing to turn it as I can't tell which side of the bike they are on.
How do I know which setting I'm on now? I do not see any numbers on the spring.
I see the notches but I'm still not positive.

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Count the notches, and look at the picture in the handbook. Pretty simple, its illustrated in the book. 1-9, with 9 notches.

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I am hoping you are also light if you are short. The bike is very undersprung for a average weight person and even more under damped. If you are very light it might actually be ok for you ( a lucky one).
There are a couple of lowering/raising links available and they aren't that expensive.
Both approaches will bias the weight even more to the rear though ( than it already is) so be careful of the front end. You may find you have to load it a bit more with your body.

Go forth and modify my son...go forth and modify...

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